Engraving and Laser Cutting Service

We can create customized items for any project, promotion or event. Our laser cutting and engraving service is perfectly suited to your ideas: anything you can design… we can do it!

Laser Engraving and Cutting in Barcelona

We provide professional high quality laser cutting and engraving service for companies, designers, craftsmen, hobbyists, entrepreneurs… At Verdi9 we provide you with the necessary materials such as wood, acrylics, leather or cardboard for engraving and cutting, so you don’t have to bring them.

Laser cutting is a high precision and quality process in which a powerful laser is used to cut and/or engrave flat sheets of materials such as methacrylate, wood, among others. With the process of laser cutting you can manufacture items such as rubber stamps, signs, models, and all with the possibility of mass production with a quick and simple procedure.

Please contact us if you have further questions about what possibilities it offers.

Advantages of Laser Cutting and Engraving

Infographics of the engraving and laser cutting process
Measurement icon for the maximum size of the product to be worked

Working measures

The maximum working space is 80 x 50 cm and with a maximum of
1 cm thick.

Icon for laser cutting service

A clean cut

There are few things more precise than a laser cut. The fretwork height of the machine is 1 cm thick.

Icon for laser engraving service

An HD engraving

In engraving, the laser is used at a lower power and impeccable gradients are achieved.

Multimaterial Icon

Multiple materials

We carry out engraving and cutting on materials such as wood, methacrylate, cardboard or leather.

We have the latest technology at your fingertips

At Verdi9 we supply the best materials needed in laser cutting and engraving so you don’t have to bring them. All our materials are in stock and ready to be cut or engraved, so you have many possibilities to carry out everything you need.

Available Materials for Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser Cut and Engraved Wood

A rustic finish for your design. It is ideal for signs, signage, restaurant menus or packaging. The engraving offers a very aesthetic aged or burnt effect.

Image with example of laser-cut and engraved wood
Image with example of methacrylate cut and laser engraved

Cut and Laser Engraved Methacrylate

From a sign to a key ring, through jewelry and trophies, methacrylate is a very versatile material and the possibilities it offers are almost infinite.

Laser Cardboard Cutting

For interior designs or structures. Comes in great for corporate lettering, boxes, stands, ephemeral architecture, and everything in the smallest detail.

Image with laser-cut cardboard letters
Image with example of laser cut and engraved paper

Laser Paper Cutting

Laser paper die-cutting offers maximum precision and speed. It is perfect for making business cards with bold designs.

Laser Skin Engraving and Cutting

This type of material is widely used for accessories and complements. Whether you are a craftsman or want to make a gift, you can also bring your own material.

Image with leather laser engraving example

You have doubts?

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